Decision Made & Good News

Having had a look at some other Website providers we decided to stick with as it is fairly easy to use and seems reliable – and it’s quite cheap! So , once the upgrade is sorted, the Galleries can be organised.

It’s odd how ones view of “Good News” changes over the years. For me, in my schooldays, “Good News” was when Voco, our Latin Master, wasn’t in school and I didn’t have to suffer another 45 minutes of a language I didn’t ever understand properly. What it did teach me though was a good understanding of where many English words were derived from and help with their meanings. I do remember having to quote:

“A, ab, absque, coram, de,
Palam, clam, cum, ex and e,
Sine, tenus, pro and prae
Add super, subter, sub and in
When rest not motion ’tis they mean.

Then these all take the Ablative”

Even after having looked up “Ablative” I still don’t really understand what it means. Hey ho, never mind, haven’t needed it since I left school so probably won’t now!!

Anyway what I was going to says is that Good News over the weekend was that I don’t have to have any more CT scans until 2020 as everything is OK now and I’m fit again. That’s good as I will be able to confidently get back to everything I have always done in life. Bit different from missing a Latin lesson!! Puts stuff into perspective.

You may be wondering, as I am, how I linked cancer with Latin. Really weird brain!!

Blog photos today come from Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property in Cambridgeshire. Taken on Friday 15th February 2019.

047717 Himalayan Birch, Anglesey Abbey NT, Cambridgeshire
047709 Winter Garden, Anglesey Abbey NT, Cambridgeshire
047765 Bottisham Lode & Lode Mill, Anglesey Abbey NT, Cambridgeshire
047747 Snowdrops & Aconites, Anglesey Abbey NT, Cambridgeshire.

2 thoughts on “Decision Made & Good News

  1. Good to read your blog and enjoy your gorgeous photos. Very pleased about your good news regarding your health. Sometimes writing things down really helps, especially looking back over all that’s happened and what challenges you have overcome, as well as reminiscing about lovely days out and good times with family. The photos of Anglesey Abbey are beautiful. We have enjoyed some lovely walks round there with Holly dog and one of my favourites was walking through the stunning white collection of birch trees.

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  2. Thank you Amelia, your comments are much appreciated. Also good to know that the comments form works. I will try to write another Blog entry later today, but must get back to the fence painting now! PS So nice to have a comment that is written in good English and using proper punctuation.


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