Busy Times

I’m painting my garden fence!

Last week was half-term and, in theory, a break from the day-to-day of life. Not if you are retired though! Half-term and other school holidays should be meaningless when you retire. Do nothing, relax, enjoy yourself, chill everyone tells you! What a waste of a life that would be. Funny word “retirement”. A meaning is “to withdraw from having an active working life”. So, by implication, it means “don’t work”. Now “work” is another funny word. One definition is ” an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result”. So, getting out of bed, going downstairs and making a cup of tea qualifies as “work” but if being “retired” means withdrawing from active working then everyone who is retired should just sit back and be waited on “hand and foot”. As if that is going to happen! I’m going to carry on working.

I’m painting my garden fence!

So what do these ramblings have to do with being busy. Well, last week we had a great Table Tennis coaching session at Rougham TTC with three of us coaching nine juniors for the day. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and there was some good banter. On the Thursday evening I went to a workshop on Developing a Business Plan for Table Tennis Clubs which was very ably tutored by Simon with help from Claire and Jenny from Table Tennis England. OK, I had done SWOT analysis and most of the other techniques in a previous life. What it did do was concentrate minds on how to develop a Club . Perhaps I should mention here that I’m heavily involved in running the Bury St. Edmunds Table Tennis Club and have been for 20 years since we started it. I feel another “five-year plan” is about to take shape!

I’m painting my garden fence!

On Friday we went to the fine city of Norwich to the Norfolk Makers Festival in the Forum. It was a really good day and, although Valerie was much more interested in the crafts on offer on the day than I it was fun to make a chicken out of wire and then it it photo-shopped to the top on Norwich cathedral. Thank you Jose from El Salavdor, one of the undergraduates from the Norwich University of the Arts at their exhibition table. Must improve my Photoshop skills so I can do this sort of stuff.

A wire Chicken!

Did I mention that I’m painting one of the garden fences. I’ts only about 130 feet long and with both sides that’s 260 feet. I may be there some time!

Oh look! The garden fence! Well part of it!

That’s it for now. See you next time.

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