2019 Another New Beginning!

Well, here we are in 2019.  What happened after your enthusiastic Blog start to 2017, I hear you ask.  You know how it is! Other stuff comes along, and you decide is more fun, or more important than writing a Blog which, realistically, very few people will read or even be interested in.

So why bother to start again? I suppose after a pretty torrid 2018, when health issues within the family become potentially life-threatening, it just seems a good idea (to me anyway) to write down some of the things that have happened during my lifetime so, if  future generations are even vaguely interested, then there is something  for them to read about from the late 20th and into the 21st century.  No doubt I will ramble on a lot and it certainly won’t be in chronological order, and I will try to use lots of long words, many exclamation marks and the written English construction may not always be correct, and you will have to decide whether to read on …or not. Of course random photos may also appear! Please be aware that all photographs in this Blog are my Copyright and may not be used without my permission unless otherwise stated.

For anyone who has read the 2017 posts, the 365-day photo project was completed as was the list of all the house and garden projects and they are progressing well albeit slowly.

Nuthatch on the Stump at Lackford
Lakes SWT with a Robin Photo bombing

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