2017 The story so far!

January has been very cold so far.  In fact it is so cold today, 26th, that I have resorted to looking to see how this WordPress Blog works!!

So we have been to Felixstowe and been very fortunate to have great light during the day and then a brilliant sunset.In fact, there have been a good number of excellent sunrises and sunsets this month.


……..and of course there were container ships.


Yet another challenge has been set: to take a photo every day for the 365 days of the year.  So far 26 have been taken – well, actually a lot more than 26!! So here is a random one from 4th January.



Decided to write a list of all the things we would like to do to the house and garden.  Then decided to take photos of every area, print them and stick them on paper so I can write notes against each one.

Have just started decorating the hall, stairs and landing Yesterday I organised a new shelving system for the “Coat” cupboard.  Of course I didn’t buy anything for this!! There was plenty of shelving stuff in the garage and with a bit of “cutting and pasting” of some old shelves a new system was built.  Wall and paintwork in the cupboard completed today. Now we have to decide on colour and carpets for the main bits.

Other highlights of the month were James’ 7th birthday party – tobogganing at the Ipswich Ski Slope and a marathon baby sit last Sunday/Monday which ended with only 2 hours sleep on Sunday night!!

We have also met up with friends and had a lovely time with them.

Well, think I’ll publish this as I haven’t a clue if anyone will actually see it!!



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